Morning Coffee

by The Waistband

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Tracks 1-4, 6-11, 13, 14(partially), 15 recorded October 6-11, 2012.
Track 14 partially recorded on September 29, 2012.
Tracks 5 and 12 partially recorded July 13, 2012. Mixed and other recording done on October 8-9, 2012
Unmastered except track 2


released October 11, 2012

Shane - Lead Vocals (1-6,8-15), Guitars (2-12,15), Trumpet (1,7,10), Bass (2,5,12), Drums (2,13), Beats (14), Sounds (7)

Matthew - Bass (12), Guitars (5,12)

Hydra150 - Album Art

Special Thanks
Snap, Crackle, and Pop - (4)
Random people on the radio (7)
Based off of The Plain White T's, in honor of the greatest singer songwriter song ever... (15)
Jacob,, my family.




The Waistband Prince Edward Island

The Waistband (Based out of PEI, Canada) consists of 1-3 guys recording songs that they made when they were kids and songs that they are making now.

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Track Name: Morning Coffee
I made a strawberry shake one day
I made it when it was 5:30 and I was half awake
I didn’t close up the blender top all the way
Soon the kitchen became a cake

And then I go go go (x2)
Ooh, don’t you know I need coffee

And then my brother came downstairs
He was wearing nothing but his underwear
He walked into the dirty kitchen
And yelled words that I could never imagine


I hid inside the laundry room
Behind a stack of chemicals
He came in looking for a towel
All he could find were my gaping bowels

He looked like he was going to make a strawberry shake out of me
He said "In the kitchen I can`t see
I have strawberries inside of me
Why did you do this to me you complicated brat
I`m gonna make you clean it up, I`m gonna make you fat!"

And then I realized
I`m gonna have to make a run for it!
I dropped some flour on his head
He yelled and said I was gonna be bleeping dead
I walked outside and I got in my parent`s Cadillac

Track Name: Censored Brownies
I went to Walmart one day
And asked my mom if I could get a Nerf Gun
She said no freaking way
She said I couldn't be her son

That very night
when she was sleeping
I grabbed a wad of cash and went into walmart
and looked at the toys section

There were many kinds of guns
but I didn't know the names of them because I couldn't play call of duty because my parents wouldn't let me
there was one gun that looked like fun
in an instant my dad's coin collection was gone

I walked outside of walmart
Went behind the nearest tractor trailer and opened the box up
It was a real gun!
It wasn't real fun
It was a real gun!

My mother always said
When I get a girlfriend don't sleep naked
My father always said
no matter what I'll always be king
my sister always said
make sure your hair looks it's best
my doggies always said
get all the human food you can
finally my brother said
never trust your mama's cooking

Standing there
smoking a bagfull of creed (they suck by the way)
dark and shady like a newphie
and he yelled to me
"There's monsters everywhere you have a gun shoot them all!"

and i shot em all
and i killed em all
turns out they werent just brownies
they weren't chocolate
today was a weird arse day
Track Name: Nabisco Alphabet
Bet you it’s Nabisco
Bet you it’s Oreo
Bet you it’s Rainbow YEAH

Proudly supporting love
Proudly supporting all

No more oreos for you, yeah (x4)

C is for cookie
And B is for boycott
A is for atheism
And D is for denouncements
E is for energy
And F is for fat!

No more oreos for you, yeah (x4)
Track Name: The Best Time of The Year
It's the best time of the year
it's the best time of the year
when I have to ask a girl to semi yah

I'm too ugly
for a girl to love me
that's why she won't say yes

Maybe it's my personality
Maybe I don't have enough people that follow me
Maybe it's because I'm a beta male

In conclusion
Semi is swell


It really was my confidence
I showed no love and stressed over it
why am i so dumb

(random improvised verses)